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Body Sculpting Therapy

Body Sculpting

Our cutting-edge Body Sculpting equipment combines the power of High-Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation (HIEMT) and Radio Frequency (RF) to redefine your body. This innovative therapy both simultaneously reduces fat and increases muscle. For those who continue to workout along with Body Sculpting, you should notice major gains both in muscular endurance and strength.

How Does Body Sculpting Work?

By bypassing the limitations of the brain, HIEMT energy induces rapid supramaximal muscle contractions at intensities far exceeding those achievable through voluntary exercise. Your muscle will contract approximately 30,000 times over a 30 minute period! This extreme stress compels muscles to adapt, leading to a proliferation and enlargement of muscle fibers and cells. The body also metabolizes the fat in the targeted area for the energy needed for the supramaximal contractions.

The addition of RF rapidly elevates muscle and fat temperatures more than any standard exercise can do. This stimulates both muscle adaptation and fat cell reduction.

Why Choose Body Sculpting?

Efficiency: Experience the benefits of a 30-minute Musculpting session that can deliver greater results than hours of traditional exercise. For instance, one 30-minute session can trigger the same amount of muscle contractions as 30,000 sit-ups or squats!

Customization: Our skilled providers tailor Body Sculpting treatments to your unique body, ensuring a personalized approach to meet your fitness goals.

Non-Invasive: Say goodbye to surgical procedures and hello to a non-invasive solution for muscle building and fat reduction.

What Are The Benefits Of Body Sculpting?

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Who Can Benefit From Body Sculpting?

The best candidates for Muscle Sculpting are those within 50 pounds of their ideal weight. Healthy lifestyle will enhance your results. For those who need additional fat loss support, Muscle Sculpting pairs great with weight loss peptides such as Semaglutide, Tirzepaptide, and Tesamorelin.

For those needing deeper fat burning and/or skin tightening, your provider may recommend the addition of Tecar Therapy.

How Does Body Sculpting Feel?

The treatment feels like strong and quick muscle contractions with heat. The intensity is customized based on your tolerance. After your treatment, you can immediately resume normal activities, including exercise. Some may experience a moderate degree of muscle fatigue and soreness for 24-72 hours, similar to a high impact workout.

When Will I See Results?

Many can start to see and feel results after your first treatment however the best results are seen after 4 weeks of treatment.

How Long Will Results Last?

Results may reduce after about 2 months. Thus, we recommend monthly treatments after your initial protocol. However, with regular exercise of your treatment areas, less maintenance treatment will be needed.

Typical Protocols:

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