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What is IV Laser Therapy?

IV Laser Therapy is an innovative treatment from Germany used to enhance healing from both acute and chronic conditions. It was first released in Europe in 2005 after receiving research funding from the European Union. IV Laser Therapy is considered a major evolution of external ultraviolet light therapy (UVBI) in terms of safety and strength.

There are many uses for IV Laser Therapy as it works through numerous healing mechanisms such as:

How IV Laser Therapy Works:

With IV Laser Therapy, the blood is treated through a simple catheter in the arm similar to a blood draw. A thin fiber-optic cable delivers the laser energy to blood as it passes through the vein. Treatment is typically 40-120 minutes depending upon treatment goals. A total of 10 treatments and then re-evaluation is typical for most.

Common Effects of IV Laser Therapy:

IV Laser Therapy for Lyme Disease

Due to these numerous beneficial effects, IV Laser Therapy should be considered in Lyme Disease as many patients do not respond to or tolerate long-term antibiotics. If a patient is responding to antibiotics, the goal of IV Laser Therapy is to enhance the effect of antibiotics to shorten treatment and minimize side effects. Blue laser has been studied in Germany to be the most effective single wavelength for Lyme disease due to its strong anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effects. However, the use of all wavelengths (UV, red, yellow, green, & blue) is suggested to give the most comprehensive results.

To enhance the anti-microbial effect of IV Laser Therapy, natural photosensitizers can also be used. This combination of photosensitizers with laser therapy to kill pathogenic organisms is called aPDT (Anti-Microbial Photodynamic Therapy) and can potentially work against bacteria, parasites, viruses, and fungi/yeast. Therefore, aPDT can be effective against co-infections that often occur with Lyme disease.

Non-IV Laser Therapy Option

For patients who do not want an IV application but want systemic results, Sublingual Laser Therapy is an additional treatment option. The laser applicator is placed under the tongue for 40-80 minutes depending upon the treatment goals.

Safety concerns for IV Laser Therapy

Your doctor at The AIM Clinic will determine whether you are a good candidate for IV Laser Therapy.
The major concerns are:


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