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A2M Injections

A2M Injections

What Are A2M Injections:

Alpha-2-Macroglobulin (A2M) injections are a cutting-edge, non-surgical regenerative treatment derived from your own blood. Unlike temporary symptom relief from steroid injections or medications, A2M injections have the potential to rejuvenate, repair, and heal damaged tissue and cartilage.

How Is A2M Made?

Can A2M Be Combined With PRP?

Yes!  For most patients looking to maximize healing, the combination of A2M and PRP is ideal.  A2M and PRP can be extracted from the same blood draw and then combined into the same injection.  PRP is especially great at enhancing the regenerative effects of the A2M.

A2M Potential Benefits

What Other Therapies Combine Well With A2M?

Focused Shockwave is our strongest “pre-treatment” for A2M injections.  Focused Shockwave sends acoustic waves up to 4 inches into the tissue to break up adhesions and stimulate healing.  This creates the ideal healing environment for the A2M to heal damaged tissue.  

HBOT and Red Light Therapy are great post-treatment options to enhance the overall healing effect of A2M injections.  These therapies deliver oxygen and circulation into the injection site while also promoting systemic healing.

What A2M System Is Used at The AIM Clinic

We use A2M kits from EmCyte which is a top regenerative injection innovator in the United States.  To learn more about EmCyte A2M kits, see below video:

After Treatment Care:

Typically, the only side effect of A2M injections can be some soreness at the injection site which resolves within a week.  A2M injections help the treatment area heal over time so wait a month to determine your new baseline after treatment.  The amount of treatments needed depend on the severity level of the injury and the individual’s overall health.  A2M injections can be repeated monthly until your symptoms resolve.  Many patients only need 2-3 rounds of treatment to reach their desired goals.

Next Steps:

Schedule a visit with one of our providers to discuss if A2M injections are right for you!


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